Shuttle Bus Timetable

Matsuyama Airport to Dogo Onsen

From Matsuyama Airport Fare
JR Matsuyama Station 700yen
Ehime Newspaper Office 790yen
Matsuyama City Station 790yen
Okaido 850yen
Dogo Onsen 950yen

Matsuyama Tourist Port to Dogo Onsen

From Matsuyama Tourist Port Fare
JR Matsuyama Station 890yen
Ehime Newspaper Office 990yen
Matsuyama City Station 990yen
Okaido 1,050yen
Dogo Onsen 1,170yen


Valuable Tickets (Mobile Ticket Only)

1Day, 2Day, 3Day, and 4 Day Ticket

Usable for Tram (all destination)
Tram Route Map
Price 1Day Ticket : Adult 800 yen, Child 400 yen
2Day Ticket : Adult 1,100 yen, Child 550 yen
3Day Ticket : Adult 1,400 yen, Child 700 yen
4Day Ticket : Adult 1,700 yen, Child 850 yen

Botchan train

Currently suspended

Fare: 1,300 yen per ride

This train was described in Soseki Natsume's novel Botchan as being like a matchbox. Since resuming service in October 2001, the streetcars are once again running through the city of Matsuyama.